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Big bet poker

Big bets are used in draw poker during the final round of betting to weed out tentative players. In theory, only those. The big bet is the larger of two bet sizes in a game with a fixed bet size. In a $1/$2 Hold'em game, the big bet size is two dollars. The big bet is used in the later. 31 Oct Poker author Ashley Adams talks about betting to protect your made hand versus drawing hands, and suggests betting more versus.

20 Feb Alright, I'm still confused when the term big bet is used, or bb is refered to as big bet what's the difference between a big bet and big blind?. 21 Jun Also, known as pot-limit and no-limit poker. A version of poker where a player can bet the amount of money the pot has in it. Also, a version of. Big Bet. Poker Glossary. The larger bet in a fixed-limit game. For example, in a $$20 game, the $10 bet is the small bet and the $20 bet is the big bet.

I just had an argument with a friend who is convinced BB = big bet All poker glossaries, wikipedia, and all reputable sites mention that BB. Betting in poker is one of the game's basic fundamentals. Poker prop bets are also explained. See what deposit options are available to players at Big Bet Poker. Quick review of the Big Bet Poker deposit methods here.


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