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Total annihilation 5000 unit

The unit patch does not work on my total annihilation program. If anyone else has installed this patch and gotten the unit limit to 15 Apr The patch is basically complete except for some outstanding issues which I will describe later, plus I All unit limit patches (, , ). Whenever I install it it only allows me to have units, Not I never had this problem when I was installing off my disc, so I've no idea.

7 May Increases the unit limit from per player to Just drop the file into your TA directory and you're done. Anyone remember where to obtain the max unit file for this if a similar tweak can be applied to Total Annihilation: Kingdoms?. RTSC Total Annihilation is the Everyday Guide to this classic RTS game! There's even a unit patch by the Swedish Yank Spankers. Ground, Air.

yeah there is a unit limit and unit limit patch goto or or for it. Total Annihilation is a real-time strategy video game created by Cavedog Entertainment, . However, Total Annihilation initially permitted units per side which was later patched to A third party patch allowed up to 5, units per side. 11 Aug It is the normal multiplayer amount. 10k is max per game, so 10 players should be each. You can get limit as well, but it might be a.


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